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With Schools Destroyed Thousands of Haitian Kids Pass Day To Day Life in Limbo

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I ran into this piece in the New York Times this morning examining the plight of the thousands of children in and around Port Au Prince whose schools were destroyed in the quake. These displaced youth now toil in camps set up around the Haitian capital and it’s outlying regions; fending for themselves in the aftermath of a disaster. Many of these kids aren’t savvy or strong enough to survive unscathed in this brutal climate; evidenced in the rise of  reports of young female rape victims, some as young as age 12.

With relief efforts bogged down by a combination of  the inherent infrastructural deficiencies that sit at the core of Haitian life coupled with  the bureaucratic quagmire caused by suspect planning and execution of international relief efforts; thousands of kids are currently sustaining immeasurable psychological, physical, and developmental damage  with no viable solution in sight.

I’m not sure what can be done to bring some immediate relief to these kids, but clearly something must be done before another generation of Haitian kids is lost forever.

With Schools Destroyed Thousands of Haitian Kids Pass Day To Day Life in Limbo

Gede Greg C.


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