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The Natives Are Restless

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I read this piece in the New York times this morning about the growing impatience and skepticism spreading through Haiti regarding rebuilding efforts post January 12th. I can’t see how this is particularly newsworthy because it smacks of common sense. Before January 12th, the country, and Port Au Prince in particular, was in very dire straits. After the cataclysmic events of January 12th, including the sloppy relief efforts, what can you really expect.

Four plus months have passed and things have not noticeably improved at all. There are questions now about whether the Haitian government is up to the task of rebuilding. There are also questions posed by Haitians on the ground as to the intent and role of  the world powers assisting in the rebuild. Given Haiti’s troubled history, can you really blame folks back home for sleeping with one eye open?

The Natives Are Restless

Gede Greg C.


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