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Til the Land and Sow the Benefits

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Here’s a question for all the superpowers participating in the relief effort. Why hasn’t there been more of an emphasis on rebuilding Haiti’s agriculture system? After all, an improved agricultural program can potentially create 3,000,000 jobs and help the disenfranchised become subsistent and independent. Haiti’s economy would get a serious shot in the arm and perhaps, shudder at the thought, maybe the country would be able to slowly pull itself out of poverty and become a player on the national stage.

Currently many countries profit of the fact that Haiti exports most of its produce, leaving citizens with little choice but to purchase overpriced exported goods. What kind of sense does this make? You live on a tropical island teeming with natural resources, yet you have nothing to show for it in your refrigerator or your wallet. Let’s see how this pans out. There is a lot of money and power at stake with this initiative and it’s going to be interesting to see who and what forces join the fray.

Til the Land and Sow the Benefits

Gede Greg C.


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