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CWTL Production Diary: Day Nine + 2 Years

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18:31 EST: Before anything, let me just say that it’s a sad day. A year on from the earthquake. Since then, Haiti has been unmercifully battered by cholera, the reactionary anti-vodou violence related to the epidemic, and the country’s questionable elections. Not sure things will get any better any time soon. Yesterday, GC posted a very insightful and depressing post about the state of Haiti one year after the earthquake. It’s well worth the read.

LC handed off on a draft of the bullet points last night. In an earlier post, I referred to her Herculean efforts. Seeing the completed draft reinforced that idea. Everyone should have an LC on their production team. Actually, no. It’s nice that only we have LC. Have gone over the bullet points and am allowing it to sink in. I have my concerns about the direction of our narrative but will wait a few days before being very concerned.

Last night, PBS ran two docs about Haiti – Battle for Haiti (Frontline) and Haiti’s Children (Independent Lens). Rather than commenting on content, I’d like to focus on footage. Many shots in Battle for Haiti looked absolutely absolutely gorgeous. The colors were deep and rich and vibrant. It had that slightly earthy tint that made me think – 5D or 7D. I even dropped BMJ our DP a note (though he hasn’t replied, yet). The depth of field further reinforced my suspicions. Even sit down interviews looked great. (I did a quick search for proof but turned up nothing.) Last year, at the behest of BMJ, we agreed to shoot on a 5D. There wasn’t much debate as the footage he showed us was striking. My question is this: If everyone is shooting on the D’s, should we? I realize it’s not so much the camera but what you do with it. I get that. However, it’s still a question that needs addressing. I’m also thinking that it might make mediocre shots look better than they are, sort of the way Holga-style vignetting makes my crappily framed iPhone photos look passable. I guess on one level, that might not necessarily be a bad thing. If the end product is still better, what’s wrong, I suppose. That’s what technology and effects are for. But still. If anyone has thoughts on this…


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January 12, 2011 at 6:46 pm

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