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The View from the Hotel Karibe

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Nearly five days after the infamous “Baby Doc” returned to Haiti, theories as to why he returned are floating around everywhere. His legal representation, Reynold Georges, was asked if “Baby Doc” held political aspirations. Georges made it clear that “Baby Doc” is a political man and has the right to serve two terms as President in Haiti, stating “That is right. Because under this new constitution, and let me tell you I am one of the persons who wrote that constitution, he has the right to do two mandates. Two!”

Also, regarding the charges of corruption and theft, Georges cited the “Statute of limitations” and added that it has been ten years so people should “Shut up” about it. These charges, he insists were not made in due time and cannot stand.

Regardless of the legalities and what comes of the charges – Shut up! – That’s all you’ve got? We are talking about charges of millions plundered from the people of Haiti, who were terrorized and victimized for decades under the Duvalier regime. Let’s hope that if any headway is made with the accusations of crimes against humanity, that he will come back with a little more than “Shut up!”. Even though a statute of limitation does not generally apply to these kinds of crimes, we are unsure of how the Haitian legal system will handle the accusations, and “Baby Doc” might be tied up in legal proceedings for the rest of his natural life.

Theories held regarding his return now include health problems, as he is said to be suffering from late stage pancreatic cancer and has returned to Haiti to die. It is also thought that the US orchestrated his return to pressure President Préval, or that Préval engineered his return to warn away Aristide. Then there is the Swiss bank issue and the requirement for him to return in order to access $6.2 million in a Swiss bank funds that some say have been blocked unless he faces and is cleared of charges. Some say he has just returned to see Haiti.

“Baby Doc” still has little to say for himself, as Georges and wife Veronique Roy do most of the talking, but it seems the two contradict each other. Roy insists his return is not politcally motivated, Georges has outright said that it is. Only time will tell.

So I guess while he is awaiting legal decisions to be made regarding his fate he is getting a fairly close look at Haiti and its people while he hangs out at the super posh Karibe Hotel in Petionville.



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