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CWTL Production Diary: Long time…

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I’m beginning to toy with the idea of renaming the Conversations with the Living blog to “Forever and a Day: The never-ending quest to find film funding” because that is what it’s feeling like. On to other things…

The teaser we’ve been nudging along has finally been nudged to Deon Vozov who so graciously agreed to lend us her lovely voice. Once that end is done, it’s off for some music. So it’s handed over, in good hands, and on its way to finding it’s voice… Bad joke I know. So what…

Speaking to LC tonight for some catch up (not ketchup, you understand). Should be interesting.


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May 31, 2011 at 4:52 pm

CWTL Production Diary: 2 years+, a little editing, some music, and a VO

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So, we’ve finally got a rough cut of a new, cheerful, and optimistic teaser for Conversations with the Living. It is a bit too long but it was cut to the temp track just so that the crew can get a feel for it and chime in as to whether it is heading in the right direction, left direction, or a train wreck. LC and me (yes, I know it’s supposed to be I but it doesn’t rhyme otherwise) just got off the phone with our phantasmagoric composer Mary K. (makes me think of the make-up line) and she is on-board to do us better than our temp Band of Horses track. So things are progressing slowly but better than stagnating, right? LC is reviewing some VO candidates as I type. We’ll need the shortened version of the trailer cut in the meantime. When that’s done, it’ll get shipped to LA for a voice and once we’ve got that locked and loaded, it will make it’s way to Mary K. in NYC. All this in the hopes of getting an Indie GoGo campaign going in a couple of months and/or attracting some attention from some funding source. We’ll see.

LC has been making in-roads with our contacts in Haiti getting all of our pieces in place. But I’ll let her go into that herself…

– ML

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May 12, 2011 at 11:09 pm

The new Conversations with the Living Mission statement

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For years, the campaign to treat the worldwide AIDS crisis has been a victim of its own success. In non-developing countries, the urgency to address HIV/AIDS has dwindled in proportion to the dangers of becoming infected with the virus. The accessibility of the latest life saving anti-retroviral drugs is a forgone conclusion and their populations have benefited from years of treatment. If less people are HIV+ then the likelihood of becoming infected decreases as well. HIV infection is seen more as a chronic condition than as a death sentence.Unfortunately, this is not the case in developing countries. They still face daunting day-to-day challenges and surviving HIV infection is not a forgone conclusion. It takes effort, organization, continued funding, and unerring dedication on the part of countless people to give them a chance. In addition, keeping HIV+ people alive includes more than just access to drugs. Often times, it entails supplying them with adequate food, housing, education, and emotional support.

Conversations with the Living will focus on the vast network dedicated to bringing one pill to one HIV+ child for one day within the greater context of Haiti’s troubled history. We will focus on a day in an HIV+ orphan’s life and the pill that keeps her alive. We will trace the path of that pill from the child through the entire network that made it possible. We will show how dedicated individuals work tirelessly every day, grinding through routine and unforeseen challenges, with little fanfare. We will show the lives of the people who make people like Paul Farmer, Jean Pape, Bernard Kouchner, and countless other NGO “superstars” possible.

The ultimate goal of Conversations with the Living is to continue to raise awareness of the need to support AIDS organizations around the world. We want to show that keeping one HIV+ child alive does not happen by accident.

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May 1, 2011 at 8:41 pm