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The Conversations With the Living west coast team will be walking in the 27th annual AIDS WALK LOS ANGELES tomorrow, October 16th to show our support for the organizations that are doing incredible work to combat HIV/AIDS here in LA, and to help represent the global fight against HIV/AIDS.

AIDS Walk Los Angeles has benefited AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA) since 1985. APLA works to help people affected by HIV disease; reduce the incidence of HIV infection; and advocate for fair and effective HIV–related public policy.

Conversations With the Living is a documentary film that is talking about what is possible when people come together to form a network that works day-to-day to improve the lives of the HIV+, by providing medication, food, housing, education and support. Our message, our mission is supported by the fact that the tireless work of individuals over the years has managed to make a positive impact on the lives of those affected by HIV in Haiti, and this network must be expanded.

Imagine how the lives of the HIV+ could improve in developing countries like Haiti, if there was a greater level of social acceptance and if the methods that are working were recognized and expanded upon.

We walk tomorrow to support the local efforts here in LA, celebrate the strong community of support and to do our part to bridge the gap.

There is a large disparity between what is possible in the fight against HIV in developing countries when resources are available and the actual amount of available resources. Looking at what has been accomplished over decades of dedication to reducing HIV infection, increasing awareness and providing support for the HIV+ in developed countries; this disparity exists because the education, resources and support are not getting to the regions of the world with the highest infection rates.

People in developed countries and underdeveloped countries require the same treatment and lives are saved and improved by the same methods. It has been over 30 years since HIV became household term and a lot of progress has been made, affectively changing the course of this deadly disease and saving countless lives—but in terms of HIV globally it is not only time to look back on the history of HIV, but to look towards a future where changing the course of HIV/AIDS is not just a story we tell in developed countries like the United States, but a reality around the world.

AIDS WALK LOS ANGELES is about individuals, everyday people coming together in solidarity for a purpose – Imagine if this type of event were to take place in a developing country where the population affected could be supported and no longer hide in the shadows. Imagine the impact if the level of acceptance and support that we will feel tomorrow in Los Angeles was felt around the world.

We walk to support and celebrate the work of individuals and organizations here in LA and around the world that are working to save millions of lives.

We walk to bridge the gap.

– Leigh E. Carlson


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October 15, 2011 at 5:52 pm