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New Technology Saving Lives in Haiti and Chile

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I saw this on the other day. It seems that two techies have authored a software code named Ushahidi – Swahili for testimony- that can assist volunteers immeasurably in their relief efforts in Haiti and Chile . See the Ushahidi platform takes information from text messages, blog posts, videos, phone calls, and pictures and maps them out in real time. In other words, volunteers and relief workers can use this technology to get an up to the minute picture of the disaster areas that they are entering; thus making it easier for them to effectively plan an execute their efforts.

On top of that, Ushahidi is extremely user friendly and can be updated and maintained very easily. This type of crisis mapping tool is invaluable, and is saving countless lives in Haiti, a place not known for it’s technological prowess. Take a look at the article below.

New Technology Saving Lives in Haiti and Chile

Gede Greg C.