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Face The Facts

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It’s been 5 long months since January 12th and the situation in Haiti is as muddled as ever. Millions of people are still homeless, a potentially damaging hurricane season has descended on the country, the Haitian government is showing zero leadership even in the face of international pressure, and aid is still not being distributed at a rate that is satisfactory to anyone.

 The world news outlets are picking up on the frustration of the Haitian people and new hot button topics are popping up; with food sovereignty and the rebuilding of Haiti’s agriculture being the latest issue for all the experts to argue over.

Of course there’s still the issue of (re)building a solid infrastructure that includes well constructed roads and highways, designing a capable public health care system that can fight diseases prevalent in Haiti like HIV/AIDS, forming a competitive public education system, cleaning up a systematically corrupt government, boosting the economy by leveraging our natural resources and eradicating Haitians’ dependence on exported goods, and finally finding peace among the conflicting religous groups.

The fact is today we are no further along to solving these issues in Haiti than we were 5 months ago, five years ago, or 200 years ago , for that matter. Haitians will have to deal with much more hardship and suffering before the light at the end of the tunnel cracks the skyline. And that’s just the facts.

Gede Greg C.