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Untouched Tourist Area in Haiti Affected by Quake

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The tiny island of Ile a Vache located off the Southwest peninsula of Haiti has seen its local economy take a huge hit after January 12th. Although unscathed by the eco-disaster, residents have born the brunt of its aftershocks as their tourism has been virtually nil since. Even UN peacekeepers and aid workers have been banned from staying at Ile a Vache citing security concerns.

This story helps expose truly how many layers of society the earthquake has affected. Tourism in areas unaffected by the quake should be utilized as a spark to the economy; inspiring hope as well as offering subsistence to locals and displaced Haitians looking to start anew. However, that premise looks more and more distant as time passes.

Now would there be easing of security restrictions or a marketing push emphasizing the need to revitalize the country through tourism if Ile a Vache’s resorts were under foreign control? I’m not sure, but something tells me that restrictions would be lifted a bit quicker if that were the case.


Untouched Tourist Area In Haiti Affected By Quake

Gede Greg C.